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Swaziland Democracy and Rights

Democracy and rights

This text is under preparation and will be published shortly.



The country remains closed

April 16

King Mswati III extends the partial closure of the country, which began on March 27, by three weeks. So far in Swaziland, 16 people have contracted the covid-19 viral disease.

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First case of covid-19

14th of March

The first patient with covid-19 disease is registered by the health authorities.

Democracy and Human Rights of SwazilandJanuary

Prosecution for rape within the marriage

January 17

For the first time, a man is arrested and prosecuted for raping his wife. The man risks up to 20 years in prison under a law passed in 2018 that rape the marriage into a crime. The law is a step forward for women's rights and has been criticized by the country's conservatives who believe it goes against the domestic view of the man's right to sex. Patriarchal values ​​are deeply rooted in society and King Mswati III lives in polygamy with her 14 wives.

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