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Cape Verde Democracy and Rights

Democracy and rights

This text is under construction and will be published in the spring of 2020.



Cape Verde raises emergency

June 28

President Jorge Carlos Fonseca abolishes the state of emergency introduced to fight the spread of the new corona virus. In the past, gradual relief has been made. The authorities now allow the country's markets to reopen, while the beaches are still to be closed. International air traffic is scheduled to resume in July. Only the island of Santiago, where the capital Praia is located, still has active cases of covid-19. In total, the country has had 390 confirmed cases of the disease and four deaths.

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Democracy and Human Rights of Cape VerdeThe first death in covid-19 in Cape Verde

24th of March

Cape Verde gets its first death in covid-19, a British tourist who came to the country on March 9 and fell ill a week later. A further two cases of covid-19 have been reported in Cape Verde, in both cases it is tourists who have fallen ill.

Cape Verde stops flights from abroad

March 18th

Cape Verde is now canceling all flights from countries that are severely affected by the ongoing corona pandemic, which applies to Portugal as well as other affected European countries, the USA, Brazil, Senegal and Nigeria. Already on February 27, traffic from Italy was interrupted. The crisis risks hitting the country whose economy is dependent on tourism. As yet, no cases of covid-19 disease have been reported from the country.

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